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Company Overview

Group’s philosophy

As one of the best known large scale wires and cables manufacturer and marketing enterprise, adhering to honesty and hard working, Jiangnan Group aims to develop vigorously a better industry environment, to be among world-class brands and best international enterprises, to create social wealth, to realize staff value and to gain best return to the shareholders.

Continue to set record performance

Looking forward, we expect further reform measures will be introduced to various industries and increased investments will be directed towards infrastructure development by the PRC government in its effort to boost and revive its economic growth. The SGCC's investments in distribution network construction and upgrade from 2015 to 2020 should be not lower than RMB 2 trillion. During the '13th Five-Year-Plan' period, accumulated investments by SGCC should also be not lower than RMB 1.7 trillion. The Continuous strong demand to enhance and extend the electricity grid network together with the increasing in electricity consumption bolstered market demand for wires and cables products. Our turnover reached record high year over year. Growth in the PRC is expected to sustain healthy and overseas revenue contribution is expected to grow. I have the confidence and believe that I will continue to lead the Group to set record performance.