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  • YEAR 2021
    Awarded as one of the Industrial Product Green Demonstration Enterprises, Green Supply Chain Enterprises and Wuxi Smart Factories
  • YEAR 2020
    13 Special Cables passed scientific and technological achievement appraisal
  • YEAR 2019
    Obtained ISO 19642 and T/CAS 356-2019 dual certification for high-voltage cable used for new energy vehicles Awarded as One of the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises
  • YEAR 2018
    New factory commenced production Wuxi Jiangnan Cable endorsed again as a High and New Technology Enterprise
  • YEAR 2017
    Awarded “AEO Customs Advanced Certification”. Awarded as the first batch of state-level “Green Factory” Acquired 120,000 square meters of factory land
  • YEAR 2016
    Add a new extra-high voltage power cable production line Awarded as one of the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China
  • YEAR 2015
    Acquired 100% interest of two power cable manufacturers in China Established a joint venture company with HC International Inc. for setting up a e-commerce platform for cable industry
  • YEAR 2014
    Achieved the highest brand evaluation in respect of cable enterprise under “2014 China Brand Evaluation” Successfully renewed the 5 years contract with Eskom
  • YEAR 2013
    Acquired 100% interest of a special power cable manufacturer in China Commenced commercial production of wires & cables in South Africa
  • YEAR 2012
    Listed on the Main Board of the HKEx Invested in Alurninum-alloy and double capacity wire Established production lines in South Africa
  • YEAR 2011
    Commenced commercial production of high and ultra-high voltage cables with rated voltage of 220-500kv Secured a key account in Singapore
  • YEAR 2010
    Recognised as China Well-konwn Trademark bt SAIC Commenced production of high voltage cables with rated voltage of 110 kV
  • YEAR 2009
    Obtained combined certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Endorsed as a High and New Technology Enterprise and entitled to a reduced PRC income tax rate of 15%
  • YEAR 2008
    Obtained National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate
  • YEAR 2007
    Accredited as State Key High Technology Enterprise Entered into five-year master supply agreements with Eskom(a state-owned company in South Africa)
  • YEAR 2006
    Nuclear power plant cables passed the inspection test
  • YEAR 2005
    Our products accredited as National Free of Inspection Products
  • YEAR 2004
    XLPE power cables accredited as China Famous Products
  • YEAR 2000
    Our brand recognized as Jiangsu Province Renowned Trademark
  • YEAR 1997
    Wuxi Jiangnan established to engage in the manufacturing and sales of wire and cable products