Jiangnan Group


Production Capacity

Our Group's production facilities are located mainly at Yixing City, Guanlin Town, Jiangsu Province, the PRC. We also have a workshop in Johannesburg of South Africa. We have advanced production facilities, experienced in manufacturing wires and cables and leading production capabilities within the industry.

We have one of the largest production capacities for wires and cables in China with annual capacity of over 470,000 km for power cables, 1,870,000 km for wires and cables for electrical equipment 65,000 tonnes for bare wires and 140,000 km for special cables. Our production lines are well equipped. We have accumulated significant manufacturing experience and proprietary know-how since commencement of our business in 1997. Our large scale operations allow us to bid for large projects and ensure timely supply for projects with demanding schedules, which are particularly important for grid construction and high profile infrastructure projects, such as airport and railways, Olympic stadiums, the Shanghai World Expo and the China Zun.