Jiangnan Group



We offer over 10,000 products and can be classified into four main categories: (i) power cables, (ii) wires and cables for electrical equipment, (iii) bare wires and (iv) special cables, among which power cable is our largest product segment, accounting for 70% of our turnover.

Power cables

Power cables are mainly used for power transmission and distribution systems in the power industry and general industries. We manufacture cables ranging from low voltage to extra-high voltage (220-500kV, 66-220kV, 6-35kV and 0.6-1kV) and with various features, for example flame retardant, fire resistant, LSZH (low smoke zero halogen), low smoke low halogen, rodent and termite proof, oil resistant, heat resistant, all weather and radiation resistant, optic & electric combined, and water resistant.

Wires and cables for electrical equipment

Our wires and cables for electrical equipment are mainly used to supply and distribute electricity for a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, instruments, meters and household appliances and wires in the buildings. 

Bare wires

Our bare wires, including aluminium reinforced wire, aluminium conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) wires and aluminium alloy conductors, are mainly used as overhead power lines for power transmission.

Special cables

Speicial cables are designed and developed for specified industries and taking into the specific requirements for specified industries, They are with special features, which are always involving patents for the designs. Jiangnan is one of the leaders in providing special cables and wires for the ship building, wind power generation and mining industry.

We provide a comprehensive range of products to meet our customers’ specific needs and maintain customer loyalty

We provide over 10,000 products tailored to meet our customers’ diverse needs and help us to retain customer loyalty. Our products possess different characteristics that are valued by our customers, including LSZH, low smoke low halogen, water resistance, photoelectricity, flame retardance, fire resistance, rodent and termite proof, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, all weather and radiation resistance. We have also developed and introduced a variety of products that are suitable for special environments or our customers’ specific requirements, such as flame retardant power cable for railways, 150°C heat resistant LSZH flame retardant cable for vehicles and 394 patented products (such as easy-to-tear cable for household connections and all weather power distribution cable). In addition, we are capable of producing cables for use in extremely low temperature environments in the polar regions, which has been recognised as a Dedicated Product for China North & South Pole Research by the China Polar Region Research Center. We are also qualified to manufacture fire proofing and coal mining safety cable products.

We believe that our capabilities to produce bare wires with maximum rated voltage of up to ±1100kV and with a maximum sectional area of 1,250mm2 are unmatched in the, one Key Technology Support Program and three projects under the Torch. In November 2008, we have established a China market. We provided our bare wires to the ±800kV Direct Current Power transmission project from Yunnan to Guangzhou, the first ultra high voltage power transmission system in China, and the ±1100kV UHV Direct Current transmission project from Changi to Guquan. We have obtained one patent each for utility and invention and four design patents for anti-theft bare wires, a product that solved a long-term problem of the industry. We have also obtained one patent for new applications and two design patents for the “supporting wire with expanded diameter”, which efficiently expands the diameter of supporting wires by 180%, saves conductor materials and significantly reduces cost for our customers.