Jiangnan Group



National Olympic Sports Center of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Product: LSZH power cables
Application: The National Olympic Sports Centre (國家奧林匹克體育中心) and six other stadiums

The BT Subway to the National Stadium (鳥巢 BT地鐵支線)

Product: The environment-friendly radiated flame-retardant power cable
Application: For rail transportation
Award: This product is listed in the “Torch Plan of Jiangsu Province” and awarded the first prize in Wuxi for projects relating to manufacturing-university-research co-operation

The “Shenzhou” Manned Space Flight Project

Product: The LSHF highly flame-retardant cable with XLPE insulation
Application: State key space projects
Award: Listed in the “Torch Plan of Jiangsu Province” and awarded the High & New Technology product

Antarctic scientific expedition project

Product: Ultra-low temperature cable
Application: Antarctic and Arctic scientific expedition & extremely low temperature environment
Award: Dedicated Product for China North & South Pole Research by the China Polar Region Research Center

Qinshan Nuclear Power Station

Product: Class 1E cable
Application: Nuclear power station projects
Award: “Science & Technology Progress Award” issued by Yixing Municipal Government and “Certificate of State Key New Product” issued by the Ministry of Science & Technology

The Power Transmission from West to East Project (西電東送工程)

The Yunnan to Guangdong ± 800kV Direct Current Transmission Project (雲南-廣東±800kV直流輸變電工程)
Product: The ABC cable, overhead insulated cables, and high-strength conductor with large cross-sectional area
Application: Long distance power transmission
Award: Invention patent and utility model patent.  Certificate of State-level Torch Plan Programme

Hydropower station projects

Product: Waterproof cable
• Xiaolangdi Water Control Project for Yellow River
• 110kV Transmission Project of Gakong Hydropower Station in Qinghai 
• Burma YEYWA Hydropower Station
• Ya’an Baoxinghe Lingguan Hydropower Station Project
• 33MW Hydropower Station Project
• 1kV Flame Retardant XLPE Insulated Cable for Hunan Electric Power Corporation